Italy is amazing on its own. Added the food, the fashion and you’ve got the perfect setting (remove its politicians maybe), but overall it’s the perfect setting. Then you order its perfect food on its perfect setting and you look at the check and yell “Mamma mia! That’s it?” Obviously, food can cost a lot in many upscale places, but on the most part you can eat like a king and pay just a few euros. Here are 3 places to go if you want to accomplish the eat-good, pay-nothing motto:

Panino Giusto

Panino Giusto was the first restaurant I ever stepped in in Milan. It’s famous obviously for its Paninis, which is bread filled the all sorts of delicious things such as bresaola, prosciutto, mozzarella, and well, you get the picture. The recent addition to all its delicousness is that now a few Micheli starred chefs have elaborated a few paninis especially for Panino’s menu.

There are several around town.

Cantine Isola

This became my new favorite spot in Milan. I discovered it this last time, since the apt that I stayed in was just a couple blocks from it, and on the first night, getting down form the tram, I saw the street in front of it completely packed. I looked it up on the internet and it was on all of the top restaurants list. It’s a small old-fashioned wine bar that serves apperitivo and a huge wine list. Chances that you’ll find a place to sit are slim to none, but it’s more fun to stand and chat anyways.

30, Via Paolo Sarpi

Eat’s bistro & Market

Tourist areas are always a catch, so I have as a personal goal to find a hidden gem in these areas and broadcast to the world. Eat’s bistro isn’t quite hidden, but it’s a gem. It’s primarily a wine store and gourmet market in the Milan Excelsior, where you can eat at the bistro or grab a panino or a few ingredients to eat later on.

4, Galleria del Corso