There are few things that make me as happy as trying out new skincare products, specially when the products in question don’t rip off a considerable amount of my income. And this generally happens at Target. I spent the whole of last week, while in Miami running in and out of different Target stores to buying products to try and compare and to write this review. I picked one product for every facial skincare step: cleanser, tonic, facial scrub, nutritional water, serum, eye cream, moisturizer.

Here they are:

Cleanser: Pacifica Complete Sea Foam Wash

I hadn’t realized the importance of a cleanser in the anti-aging process, until I started researching more about specific products. Well, if it isn’t obvious yet, the deeper the cleanse, the higher amount of anti-oxidants and the less amount of chemicals that we put on our faces when using a cleanser, the better the effect. This is the effect of this Product from Pacifica, that contains Coconut Water, a natural skin toner, algae, which are naturally nutritious and antioxidant, papaya extracts, that help exfoliate and soothe and are sulfate free.


Tonic: Pixi Glow Tonic

As I write this post, I feel a little bit more ignorant at every word. But truth is, although I’ve been an active user of tonics since forever, I didn’t know that they are a tool for removing even further impurities on our skin, and furthermore, to clean out all residues left by the previously applied cleanser. Pixi is a British natural skincare brand, famous for its affordable prices and wide range of its products, and the Pixi Glow Tonic has become such a must have item that they have even launched the travel size bottle. The 5% glycolic acid in it gently exfoliates the skin and alleviates oiliness, and you can feel the freshness immediately, making it a great addition to an acne prone skin routine.


Facial Scrub: Honest Beauty Konjac Sponge

Jessica Alba’s Honest Company is a go-to brand for all accessible yet hyper sophisticated clean beauty products. Honest Beauty Konjac’s sponge, is for me, a huge exfoliating junkee, the coolest tool around. It’s made from Konjac root, which contains essential and replenishing minerals and can be used just with soaked water or with your favorite cleanser.


Nutritional Water: Thayer’s Witch Hazel Toner Facial Mist

Facial mists are meant to be sprayed over our faces after cleansing and before moisturizing AND all day long, as soon as you feel that your skin is even slightly or rising in temperature. The reason is that, the substance that clogs your pores and creates pimples are caused by warmer skin temperatures, and also because when your skin gets dryer, its protective barrier gets weaker, which means collagen and elastin can break down faster. Available in 3 different scents (Rose Petal, Lavender and Cucumber), Thayer’s facial mist is not like the old-school facial mists you were used to, which were merely hydrating. Its different scents contain aromatherapy benefits, which is a popular perk among the new types of mists, and each of the 3 ingredients serve a different purpose: either unclogging pores, removing blemishes, managing acne, removing dark circles and the witch hazel and aloe vera included in all 3 toners are naturally cleansing, toning and soothing.


Serum: Fig and Yarrow Rosehip + Argan Oil Facial Serum

Apply this serum right after your toner or facial mist to ensure that the argan, which is a miracle rejuvenating booster, and the rosehip, a powerful antioxidant and nourishing substance, deeply penetrate your skin and act at their best to make you look younger.


Eye Cream: Whamisa by Glow Studio Chai Tea Eye Cream

Let’s have a minute of silence for the power of everything K-beauty. Even more so to the Whamisa Chai Tea Eye Cream. Its effect is almost instant due to the rhooibos tea extract, that nourishes the eye area, the propolis extract for brightening eye circles and texture refining turmeric


Moisturizer: Make P:rem Relief Safe Me Moisture Cream

This moisturizer from this uber-cool natural products Korean brand is made of only 12 ingredients, such as Squalene(a substance found in shark liver oils or vegetable oils that has strong anti-oxidant and anti-aging powers) and Glycerin are blended with botanical Nordic berry extract, Bergamot and Sage oils, making it as chemical-free and lightweight as possible.


Sheet Masks

Our list had to end with another K Beauty game changer products. These are the sheet masks by K-beauty brand Peach and Lily, called peach slices. They come in 6 different functions (calm, clarify, shrink pores, hydrate, brighten, firm). I only picked two of them, “Shrink Pores” and “Hydrate”, but they already did the charm. Apply them before going to bed and wake up Peach perfect!



That’s it guys and have an amazing natural and organic shopping spree!